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The Best Video Conferencing Solutions for Personal and Business.

Most young people today choose to leave their hometowns and go to big cities to pursue a better life. In big cities, they are far away from their family and friends, and they often see each other after quite a long time. To solve this problem, VIISAN has launched ViiTALK and many other video chat devices.

Solution for Meeting Rooms

VIISAN ViiTALK X2 video conferencing equipment convenient all-in-one design enables HD 1080P multi-party video quality by connecting large LCD TVs or personal monitors, making enterprise video conferencing simpler and cost-effective.

Solution for Personal and Small Office

VIISAN C960 is a HD 1080P network camera for personal and small office users. It has H.264 video compression technology, and it can be used conveniently and quickly without losing the picture quality.

Recommend Products


  • High quality 1080P @ 30fps.
  • H.264 video compression.
  • Wide-angle lens.
  • Built-in audio microphones.
  • UVC video standard, driver-free.


  • Wireless 1080P TV projection.
  • Group video conferencing (Max. up to 6 participants)
  • Wireless screen sharing.
  • Easy operating system.
  • Works with Windows & Android.
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